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Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Know the Difference......

These days you have to know the difference.

Know the difference between a man who is just for right now and one who's forever.
The one that is forever will be like no one you have ever met, the one for right now will be just that.

Know the difference between a boy and a man
A man will try something new, a boy will try what has worked in the past.

Know the difference between a girl and a woman
A woman will look for a deeper connection, a girl will look for deeper pockets.

Know the difference between love and lust
Lust will leave you temporarily satisfied (if you're lucky),  love satisfies forever.

Know the difference between who you are and who you are not
Who you are not will have you pretending, who you are will have you winning.

Know the difference between who is  for you and those who are against you
Those who are against you admire you, those who are for you admire you.

Know the difference between " I want you" and "I want you".
One will deceive you and the other will relieve you of all your cares and worries

So as you maneuver through life, traveling through space and entering dimensions, make sure you know the difference.

Love & Flight

Thursday, January 10, 2019


Now that the new year has begun and all the new resolutions have been said if there is anything else that needs to be gotten rid of, do it now, wrap it up and say goodbye!  Do not carry old baggage, old relationships that cling around with no real meaning, old people that serve no real purpose, old news, old situations, over to the new year.  Just drop it all like it's hot and move into the new that's required of you.  The new you that will no longer let you sit and be less than magnificent.

I thought I had gotten rid of those old things, but like rashes, old things tend to sneak back into your life, only to remind you that this is old shit, so why bother?  I always think of it as the universe having a sense of humor, testing your growth per se.   But do not be fooled by the past, it comes back to take you back.  Continue to move forward and focus on your goals, and dreams and those that truly love you.  Leave no room for imposters, weak minds, or indecisive people. There is something that you want out there and whatever it is, wants you too.  It is how the universe conspires to give us what we desire.  Just believe and stay focused and ignore the rest.

We are at the end of the energy cycle where all new things begin, for some, if you have done the work.  Whether it's a new you, new job, new life, it all requires the same energy to change.  Be a part of the change that transcends you to new heights.  Face your fears, it's all apart of the growth cycle.  Do not let anyone detour you off what you intend on accomplishing.  Distractions, energy vampires all serve a purpose, we can learn something from them.  The next time you feel like going back to that toxic relationship, or stay at that toxic job or deal with those toxic people; tell them, thank you for the lessons, but  I've outgrown you and I can take it from here.  

Love, Light & Darkness

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Saturday, January 5, 2019

Make Him Settle

I have been single for a few years.  It has been a time of growth, maturity and realizing my true worth as a woman.  I had the pleasure of being in love with and loved by a man who did nothing but show me that he loved me.  So when I run across men who expect me to court and pursue them, they usually just get a blank stare, blocked or used for something.

Although dating has had its perks, I still find myself meeting men who expect me to lower my standards to date them.  Never that.  You will have to understand my history in order to understand why I will never take fuckboys, self-centered jackasses or these certified players serious.   And what's worse than a young fuckboy, an old one.   When a woman decides to play with a man's emotions, she can do a hundred times more damage to the heart of a man, than he could ever do, so why play with it?

Often times when myself or any woman who is complete with herself and has her own,  often find ourselves settling for these half ass men offering crumbs.  It's a case of having a little bit of someone, then having a whole lot of no one. They come around to see how they can benefit from your light.  But don't get in the habit of accepting less than what you want in a man, have him meet your standards.  And if he can not, then let him settle for who and what he can get.  You are the real prize.  I guarantee, he will always come back around to try and test the waters, because when you are settling, the other one will never be enough.  Entertain him if you like, but make sure you send them back to whoever he came from.

I will always believe in love.  It's all around me and it will only take one moment that will solidify my desire for you.   Never settle for the first man that shows interest, date and be selective.  Enjoy the process of getting to know someone, because a lot of them have masks and hide their true intentions.  Take your time and never rush. If he comes rushing in, you put the brakes on and look him in his eyes and find out what he really wants.   Dating does not mean that you are having sex with every man that's interested in you, it just means that you have options and exploring the best man for you.

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Love and Love Again!!

Thursday, January 3, 2019

Faking It 'til You Make It

Do you measure up to your own expectations?  It has been said that you can fool some of the people, some of the time, but not all the people, all of the time.  So what are you telling yourself in regards to your success?  Do you convince yourself into believing you are something you are not?  Are your thoughts about yourself in alignment with who you believe you are.  Are you living your best life or someone else's?

Think about it.  There are many who like to play pretend and that is ok.   As the aphorism goes, "Fake it until you make it", which means if you pretend you have confidence, and that you are rich and famous, you will soon realize those qualities in your life, right?  If you pretend like you are the president of an organization or the best writer on the planet, those things will soon be your reality. But is it that simple?  Faking it as if I am your girlfriend will not get me to be your girlfriend, so use it where it applies.

I believe you can have anything you desire. Manifesting the life you want is real.  We are creators, and the sincere feeling of what we desire is the catalyst that sends the vibration to the universe.  For those who choose to take the faking it making it route, when does the faking it end and the making it begins?  Is faking it synonomous with making it since you are actually manifesting what it is you desire?  It's all a matter of perception and what you believe.

I believe in myself.  I make it a point to check in with myself and not get distracted and pulled away from my intentions.  I visualize myself doing, being and feeling this new existence, all while appreciating the present.  I don't always make the right decisions and  I always look for the lessons in my mistakes.  I don't feel I need to prove myself to anyone,  I know who I am.  I never compare myself to anyone, I know who I am.  Get in the habit of being fine with where ever you are right now.  Give yourself a break.  Even if you are not exactly where you want to be, find comfort in knowing that you will eventually get there and its already done.  Even if you feel like giving up remember this is a journey and the road may turn, twist, and get a little bumpy, but keep going.  The canvas of your life will change many times, measure each step, even an inch is progress.

When you are transitioning to your higher self, making new strides, and accomplishing your goals, obstacles may look hard to get over, people will come and go but stay on your path.   Believing is better than faking it.  Put that fake shit aside and put the work in, believe in yourself, and you should be just fine.  You have been properly equipped with all the tools you need to be a success.   And for those of you are not quite ready to be real with yourself.  Your time of self-realization is near.  You can't run forever, check the mirror and there you are.  Embrace and accept yourself, you deserve that kind of freedom.

The next time you set a goal but don't reach it, or the next time you're hard on yourself because you have failed again, know that you are on the right path that is designed and tailored especially for you and there's no faking that.

Love & Kisses

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Sunday, December 30, 2018

Leave Your Past Behind.......

Leaving the past behind is something that many of us are afraid to do.
Holding on to people, places and things that are familiar often becomes a place of comfort and inhibits your ability to grow.  There's comfort in pain, comfort in reliving something that destroyed and changed you.  The lesson is done, now let it go.  I promise that once you release everything that is holding you back, it will feel like the weight has been lifted off your shoulders and a new life will begin.

Letting go of old relationships that you ruined or tried to ruin you.  Let go of the pain and reviving old conversations and reasons why you're no longer together.  Let it go.  Let go of old jobs that drain you of your creative abilities, your ability to think and live a life that is filled with your highest good.  Tap into energies that you have not discovered.  Take a risk and stop playing it safe in victim mode, cause nobody cares.  Challenge yourself and shake up your sub-conscious.  Open your mind to what is new.  That is the only way that you will grow and change into the man or woman you deserve to be.

I have the tendency to keep people in my life because of comfort.  So-called friendships that serve no real purpose.  I don't have to prove anything to them, I don't have to answer to anyone, just people that float in and out of my life for no apparent reason.  And it dawned on me, I have outgrown this revolving door.  My light does not shine brighter because you are around.  It's cool when you're single and seeing who you want, but when you are elevating your love and opening yourself up to something new and different, some people who are not part of the current program will have to be dropped into the abyss of the past.  You can not drag the old you into a new relationship, it's not going to work.  If a person does not resonate with me or vibe with where I am going, then its time to reevaluate the relationship.  Often a person tends to get lost in what I look like physically, without realizing that I have a highly functional brain. I am only going to go where you go.  If you are superficial, then I am going to give that "superficial" energy back to you or not hang around at all.  If you are a real person who is clear about their decisions and about what they want in life, then we're on the same page.  Timeout for men and women who are still lost, still sabotaging relationships, still unclear about their sexuality, still foggy about women, still lying, still giving women a false sense of hope, those people need to be left in "Stillville."  Surround yourself with people who are not afraid to be themselves.

This is my last post for 2018.  I plan on making the new year one of my best years yet.  I hope big things come for you and all that you deserve comes into fruition.  This world was given to you, me and them too, so you can have anything that you imagine and even more.

Be good to yourself and others.

Love Love and Love 2019

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Sunday, December 23, 2018

That Holiday Price......

Ohhhh The Holidays!

This is always the time of year when you get to see or feel how much people in your life think you are worth.  This can come in many forms and some surprises.  Although "Christmas" is one of the most commercialized holidays built on the fantasy of "Santa Clause" that many people tend to fall under the trance of, it is still considered a real thing and a justifiable ritual that many of us participate in each year.

Christmas time is also when crime is high and self-esteem, self-loathing and insecurities are at an all-time low. So you gotta ask yourself, why participate?  Why do we rush out to spend money on those we love or buy things for people we really don't care about.  I don't know, maybe generational programming and no desire to find out the truth?  I do know whether you get something you want or not, it will all make you check your self-worth just a little bit harder.  He gets you that diamond ring, but it's really a cubic zirconia, would you love him any less?  You wanted a motorcycle but she got you that scooter, it will still get you there, right?  Those are just examples of how our self-worth should not be tied to things.

Let's consider the other side of the holidays, the side that does not include gifts, just love.   The side that invites you to get together with family to talk and heal wounds.  It's time to tell that man or woman how you really feel, whether its a break-up, reuniting or just deciding to keep it lit, give in to the truth of whatever it is you are feeling.  Bask in that feeling you get when you know that someone loves and supports you.  It's all love and that's all that matters.  Remember to love, forgive and move on for the holidays.  Release that stuck energy and open up to the divine.  Embrace the dark times and appreciate the light.  You can never put a price on a person or the weight of their love, but if you want to get me those black stiletto thigh-high boots, I will definitely wear them. Size 8.


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Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Have You Ever Been In Love?

Have you ever been in love? 

Have you ever felt love so strong that it stirs your soul so deep, it keeps you wanting more?  Have you ever given in to the desire to be loved only to find yourself in the arms of love?  Holding you close, keeping you warm.  Whispering, I love you's in the middle of the night; starring at you while you sleep, yes, that kind of love.

The kind of love that you feel long after his physical presence has left the room.  His touch lingering on your skin, his kiss stamped all over your body.  Giving yourself completely without a second thought.  Have you ever felt that?   A presence of love so strong that you consider it your armor.  Protecting you against those who have never experienced such love.  Waving my hand, and wishing you the best because I really hope you feel it one day.

Thinking of him, the phone rings, and it's him.  Completing your thoughts, satisfying your every need without having to ask, because he has been paying attention.  Comfort in the time of storms.  Every day is a breeze because of your love.  Nothing even matters because of you, I am free.  Free to dive deep in your ocean of love.  It is you. The perfect example of love, thankful that you shared it with me, unselfishly.   No one could ever fool me to believe that love is not real.  Even in its fakest form, it still feels just as real.  Love yourself enough to know the difference.

Being in love is knowing that love is the only real thing.  Once you feel love, there is nothing that can replace or compare to that feeling.  It's magical, sacred and transformative.  Everybody needs love, the lack of it brings out the pettiness of those who vibrate low.  Send them love.  Never compromise your love for the comfort of someone else. Do not abuse your love, you will lose it and forever be looking for it again.   If you have ever been in love you know that love is to be shared, honored, and handled in the most gentle of ways.  Be the love you desire.


Know the Difference......

These days you have to know the difference. Know the difference between a man who is just for right now and one who's forever. Th...